so, two issues with this game have been brought to my attention by christron5000 and viditya voleti - namely, that there is no playing card marked "1" (thanks chris, not sure how i missed that), and that the text is a little illegible at certain sizes, which could be an accessibility issue (thanks viditya, excellent point and sorry for making you squint during your stream). 

unfortunately after a few months of checking various devices, cloud storage drives, etc., i can't find the original source file for this game to release an updated version. i'll address the changes in this post instead !

1. there is no playing card marked "1".
so, if you draw an ace, consider that "in the crew quarters". just ignore the "drifting out of an open airlock" chamber description, OR, if you're feeling saucy, roll an extra six-sided die when you enter a chamber. if you roll a one, then the chamber has an airlock which is open, and which things are drifting out of.

2. the text is a little illegible at certain sizes, which could be an accessibility issue.
folks, i'm really sorry about this one. this was the main reason i was trying to find the source file; i don't want to make any of my games inaccessible to anyone. sadly, i can't find it, and the best solution i can offer is this: i've included a plain text version of the game as an alternate download for use with screen reader software, inspired by okada doing the same. all the text is identical to the .pdf version and, of course, plain text files can be formatted however, so hopefully this can double as an alternative reading method for anyone who had a hard time reading the .pdf. i know it's a bit of a duct tape fix but hopefully it'll get the job done.

thanks again to chris and viditya for the feedback !


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Glad to have helped, making TTRPG regardless of how straightforward a system is takes quite a bit of work. (I have like 5 RPGs I've been working on since June :'/ )

it can be pretty grueling :/ what kinda projects you got going man??

Well let's see, I've got a few game jam ttrpgs that sort of came w/o me finishing in time that I want to complete (probably put them in some sort of After Party pack or something) a One-scene RPG inspired by the Fantastic Fours origin and an "Attack and Dethrone God" game called Four-Color Resistance about sharing power with ppl, a sorta Witch-based Dogfighting game, another Amoung the Stars style game about aliens, etc. 

So I'm working on stuff, it's just taking a minute lol


these all sound like neat projects though !! excited to hear more about em